Not A Quiet January

It hasn’t been a quiet January this year. We’ve had a full 52.6cm fall upon our land and the month isn’t quite over yet. Last year we only had almost half that amount (32.2cm), but is far short of the 81.4cm that fell in Jan 09. The 52.6cm mark also means that we’ve had almost double the snow in January than October/November/December combined. We’ve been lucky though, as the snow that has fallen has been very light and fluffy, which makes shovelling the white crap much easier 🙂 .

Grass is Gone, Snow Is Here!

Seeing our green grass was but a shortlived affair. The snow is back, but luckily its only coming back a little at a time. We’ve had exactly 11cm fall between the 3rd and the 7th inclusively. The full breakdown can be seen on the 2010-11 Accumulation page. There’s an expected 7 cm of snow expected over the next 7 days. Get your shovels ready!

2010: In Like A Lamb..Out Like A Lamb?

2010 ended like it started; with little or no snow. In fact the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 brought lots of rain which melted all the snow away. It was a bit surreal to see green and yellow grass instead of mounds of white snow everywhere, but I’m sure it won’t last. Happy New Year!

White Christmas

I apologize for the lack of updates. A dead computer tends to get in the way of updating websites 🙂 Since our last episode on December 8th, we’ve had the biggest dump of the season so far on the 14th (7.6cm), a huge dump of rain (21.4mm on Sunday the 12th) and a few other dustings to bring our total up to 23.4cm of snow so far this month.

On December 23rd of last year, we had at that point 45.8cm that had fallen for the month, so we’re at almost half of that this year. That also puts us way short of the 78.2cm that had fallen between December 1st and the 23rd in 2008. All in all, we can’t really complain with the small amount of snow that we’ve had this month. The weather folks call for no snow over the next 5 days so our backs should be all fine and good for the holidays.

A safe and merry Christmas to all of you and here’s to more clear skies before the new year!

35-45cm Of Snow? More Like Rain

The various weather channels were originally calling for 35-45cm of snow in Ottawa today. All that’s falling right now is rain, rain and more rain. We did get a little snow this week, with a trace amount on the 6th, 1cm on the 7th and 0.6cm on the 8th. We are expected to get about 10cm for this week, but the weather people haven’t been all that correct lately, so we’ll have to see.

White December

The ground is now snow covered. I’ve had to break out the snow brush and the snow shovels. Some 3.6cm fell onto our fair grounds on December 5th. Thankfully it was but light, fluffy snow so it was easy to shovel.

More Little Bits

We’ve been hit with little snowfalls so far in December. How little? If you blinked you missed it. A tiny 0.6cm fell on December 1st, and 1.6cm on December 3rd. The snow only stayed a few hours though before it melted away. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was always like that?

A Little Bit O’ Snow

A slight 1cm of snow fell in the nation’s capital early in the morning on November 26th. The snow wasn’t the annoyance, but the ice from the freezing rain that fell before it was. Overall its been a very quiet November so far. Lets just hope it ends that way too!

Welcome to the 2010-11 Snowfall Season

The 2010-2011 snowfall season is already here. We can’t complain much about last year though, where only 132.2cm fell, which is a more than 90cm less than the 2008-2009 winter. Hopefully having snow in late october this year won’t be an indication of the type of winter that we had. In October 2008 we received 11.2cm of snow, whereas last year we didn’t get our first snowfall until December 1st. This year we received our first snowfall on October 30th, a full 7.4cm and it didn’t fully melt away until November 3rd or so. That means that this year little kiddies had to run through the snow on Hallowe’en.

Fabulous February

It’s been a fairly quiet February weather-wise. We’ve had a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain, but its mostly been pretty mild and precipitation free. We’ve only had 26cm of snow so far this month, with more than half of that (16.6cm) falling just over the last couple of days. Luckily it’s been mixed in with rain, so it doesn’t seem like that much fell (though shovelling it was a pain, it makes for heavy snow!)

The forecast is calling for more snow, around 5cm before the month comes to a close. Though with temperatures hovering around +3C over the weekend, hopefully it will melt as soon as it hits the ground.